The following list is not claimed to be, nor intends to be, exhaustive. Singles League officials reserve the right to make decisions on any situation that will best benefit the Singles League as a whole.

1. General

  1. Contact details for all players in the relevant division will be provided to all players. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of all players to ensure that their contact details are up to date. In practice, this will mean that all players must ensure all other players in their division, and their divisional secretary, are aware of a contact detail alteration and are provided with new details. Failure to notify all relevant people may result in a standard penalty.
  2. The final league placings for positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will be decided by points won, then an eleven frame play-off. For positions 5th and below, points won then head to head.

2. Finances and Prizes

     Premier Division    30% of total prize pot.

     First Division        26% of total prize pot.

     Second Division        23% of total prize pot.

     Third Division        21% of total prize pot.

The remaining 5% of each divisional prize pot will be won by the winner of a play-off. The format of this play-off will be announced in due course.

  1. Entry fees for the Singles League season are set at £30. This must be paid in cash at Cambridge Snooker Centre before the closing date.
  2. Players will be expected to pay half of all match fees throughout the season.  Match fees are set at £10 per match, regardless of match duration.  Cambridge Snooker Centre reserves the right to levy an extra charge for any match that exceeds 2.5h in duration.
  3. All prize money for this Singles League season will be entered into one pot, and will be
    divided between divisions in the following way:
  4. The prize money for each division will be divided as follows:
         1st place        40% of the divisional prize pot.
         2nd place        27.5% of the divisional prize pot.
         3rd place        17.5% of the divisional prize pot.
         4th place        10% of the divisional prize pot.
  5. Players that do not complete all their matches will not be eligible to receive a prize, or enter the 5th place play-off.
  6. Players failing to complete their matches will be required to pay an additional £50 deposit to re-enter a subsequent season. Should they be removed from the league, their £50 will be forfeit and added to the prize fund for that season. Should they fail to complete all their matches, their share of match fees (for any incomplete match deemed to be their fault) will be taken from the deposit. Any money remaining from the deposit at the end of the season will be returned to the player.

3. Matches

  1. All matches will take place at Cambridge Snooker Centre.
  2. All matches will be played according to WEPF World Rules.
  3. All matches will be played with Cambridge Snooker Centre’s standard red/yellow balls (non spotted white) unless both players agree to use a different set, i.e. Aramith Pro-Cup balls.
  4. Players must lag to decide who breaks first. Breaks are subsequently alternated between players. Matches will consist of 12 frames, all frames must be played. Frames conceded may not
    count toward the match score, and players conceding may be penalised.
  5. One point will be awarded per frame won.
  6. One point will be awarded as a draw bonus for any player scoring 6 frames in a match.
  7. Two points will be awarded as a win bonus for any player scoring 7 frames or more in a match.
  8. Match cards should be completed accurately and with all requested information. A player's signature on the match card attests to the accuracy of the card. Any discrepancies in score lines, or any other detail, should be phoned/text through to your divisional secretary before signing the card.
  9. Matches are not allowed to start after 3pm on a Thursday when CAPL fixtures are scheduled for that evening.
  10. Matches are to be played in the month they are scheduled for. However, if both players agree and attain the consent of their divisional secretary, matches can be moved forward by one month if required.
  11. Any match that is not played within the scheduled month must be played in the subsequent (next) month.
  12. Any match that is not played within the scheduled month will incur a standard penalty for both players. The penalty will be lifted for the non offending player if they can demonstrate (by means of text message preferably) that they contacted their opponent at least 10 days before the end of the month and the resultant non scheduling/playing of the match was not their fault.
  13. Players having problems arranging matches should contact their divisional secretary as early as possible, in order to allow as much time as possible to help with arranging the match.
  14. Players withdrawing from the league, before the final month, will have all their results voided, and disregarded when compiling divisional standings from then on. If a player withdraws in the final month their final match scores will be averages. The opponent will receive their average frames won per match, or the withdrawn players average frames lost per match (whichever is greater).

4. Penalties

  1. The first standard penalty is a warning. A second standard penalty within the same season is a 2 point deduction.  A third standard penalty within the same season will be double, so a 4 point penalty.  A fourth standard penalty within the same season will result in the offending player being removed from the league.

5. Decisions and Appeals

  1. Any disputes or issues will be subject to consideration by the Singles League officials. Any complaints must be made promptly, either in writing or by email.
  2. Any serious issue will be voted on by all Singles League officials.
  3. All decisions will be made as fairly and reasonably as possible, with the best interests of the Singles League as a whole, present and future, at the forefront of the decision making process.
  4. Any decisions are open to appeal in writing (via letter or email, not text message). Appeals must be made within 7 days of the announcement of the decision. It is requested that appeals are made thoughtfully, clearly explaining the rationale behind the appeal, and any relevant information pertaining to the appeal.
  5. Appeals are limited to one per person, per decision made. No player may make an appeal regarding an issue or decision in any other division than their own.
  6. The Singles League officials may ask for supporting evidence in order to make the fairest possible decision for all concerned.
  7. Any other parties potentially affected by an appeal may be notified by the Singles League officials at their discretion upon receipt of a written appeal.
  8. Decisions or appeals are not subject to private discussion with any Singles League official, and
    attempts to do so may result in a penalty.


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